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I do not know what is more surprising: The big move itself or the fact that KW had 30 producers in one office. I’ll ponder and report back.


When recruiter and coach Genny Williams left her old Keller Williams firm in Birmingham, Ala., she wanted to find a new office that valued professionalism and talent as much as she did.

She found those qualities – and much more – at RE/MAX Advantage South in Birmingham. Broker/Owners Robert and Vicki Scott’s reputation and credibility among Realtors in the area were undeniable assets. Coupled with the technology tools, support and vast resources offered by the office – and RE/MAX – the decision to join was a no-brainer, Williams says.

What no one expected, however, was that nearly 30 Keller Williams agents from her old office would follow Williams to RE/MAX Advantage. Most of them made the switch in late May, boosting RE/MAX Advantage to the No. 2 spot for market share in Birmingham.

“It made perfect business sense for everyone,” Williams says, noting that the exodus includes the top 20 percent of her old firm’s agents. “Everyone has been so happy with the move. We brought more than 200 listings with us, and Robert and his staff have made the transition incredibly smooth. It was the right time.”

Williams says that the caliber of agents at RE/MAX is unrivaled by any other competitor – and she wanted to be part of that atmosphere. For others who made the switch, the brand name recognition and freedom to be in business for themselves but not by themselves sealed the deal.

Collier Swecker and his Mega Agent Real Estate Team, which was the No. 1 producing team at the Keller Williams firm, joined RE/MAX to increase their income and do more business. Having a Broker/Owner who understood and encouraged the team concept was vital to the team’s decision, Swecker adds.

“Part of the fun of working in real estate is the competition,” Swecker says. “The production levels are so high at RE/MAX that it gives you an edge and something to work toward. Here in Birmingham, the major-leaguers are with RE/MAX, so naturally, that’s where we needed to be. And the beauty of the RE/MAX system is that you don’t lose your identity when you join; you only enhance it.”

Scott Howell, who had previously worked at RE/MAX Advantage, left for Keller Williams in November, and then came back with the flock. He’s glad to be home.

“The profit-sharing tree at Keller Williams was an attractive concept, but when all the office’s top producers went to RE/MAX, all the profit went with them,” Howell says. “There’s been a slow down in business here due to the housing market and the economy. But since coming back to RE/MAX, I’ve seen a boost in business; I just wrote three contracts. Things are definitely selling better.”

The Scotts’ willingness to accommodate the agents and put together a reasonable package for them, Howell says, helped the transition go smoothly.

For his part, Robert Scott has been pleasantly surprised by the sudden uptick in new agents. He has interviewed nearly 30 agents in three weeks and his staff has worked tirelessly to help the new RE/MAX Associates settle in.

“In our first LeadStreet training class, one of new agents said, ‘I feel like I’ve come from a Tupperware party to a real business,'” says Scott, who employs an in-house Web/IT trainer. “These agents needed a stronger Web and marketing presence; they didn’t have that at their old office to grow their businesses, and now they do. Genny brought amazing mentoring, coaching and accountability skills, merging the best of both worlds.”

So far, the grass is greener on the other side, Williams says.

“Real estate companies talk about having integrity all the time,” she says. “But with RE/MAX, the integrity is there and no one has to talk about it or prove it. We’re all very happy with this move and everyone’s getting down to business.”

source: RE/MAX Mainstreet

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The top Keller Williams franchise in Canada – a two-office Vancouver-area brokerage with more than 180 Associates – converted to RE/MAX on Feb. 26.

Bjorn Soolsma and Deborah Stevens – Co-Broker/Owners of the newly renamed RE/MAX Results Realty – determined that RE/MAX training, technology and brand awareness will help their agents reach new heights.

The Broker/Owners, who have over 25 years of real estate experience between them, see great opportunities ahead for the close-knit group they lead. The addition of their offices takes RE/MAX market share in Maple Ridge and Port Coquitlam to 44 percent and 32 percent respectively. Soolsma envisions even higher numbers.

“We want to continue to build something that is agent-focused, dynamic and results-oriented,” Soolsma says. “Combining our philosophy, resources and vision with the RE/MAX business model, brand and resources, we’re going to be the best.”

Below are probably some reasons they switched:


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